Q&A: Making a Splash in Stylish Umbrellas

By Erin Donnelly

Q. After years of buying cheap $3 black umbrellas that inevitably break after one big downpour, I’ve decided to treat myself to a good-quality, stylish umbrella. Any recommendations?
A. Finding fab umbrellas is the easy part. Not getting that Rihanna song stuck in my head while I write about them, however, might be, oh, impossible. At any rate, umbrellas don’t just come in austere black anymore, and they’re sturdy enough to handle whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Want to look demure during the next downpour? Look for high fashion details like lace, bright splashes of color, and gorgeous prints that are anything but dreary.
These wet-weather wonders will have you doing a rain dance:
Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies Umbrella (shown): If Frank Lloyd Wright was good enough to design the Guggenheim, he’s definitely good enough to design an umbrella. This beautifully complex design was taken from a Wright-created stained glass window, and offers a geometric take on flowers and lily pads. Eat your heart out, Monet.
Marimekko Black/Pink Ruusupuu Umbrella: Add some awesome blossoms to your rainy day gear.
Tray 6 Perch Umbrella (shown): It’s raining cats and dogs—why not a bird, too? This whimsical print also comes in black and crimson.
Burberry Script Umbrella: Hey, big spender! Run for cover under this luxurious designer brolly emblazoned with the Burberry logo.
Pare*Umbrella Lace G: It’s raining men—hallelujah! Now go snag one with this lovely lace number.
J.Crew Printed Umbrella (shown): Black and white polka dots trimmed with pink grosgrain? It’s girly, and it’s good.
Rihanna Satin Stick: It was inevitable. The singer behind last summer’s rainy day anthem has launched a line of fashion umbrellas (ella, ella). We love this creamy classic version, available in black sparkle, fuchsia sparkle, silver sparkle, and gold sparkle.

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