Q&A: Which Fall Shoe Trend is Your Best Bet?

By Morgan Williams

This week’s Q&A is answered by shoe expert Morgan Williams of RunningwithHeels.com.

Q. I want to stay on top of the trends but can only afford one splurge shoe for fall—ideally something that will have a somewhat long shelf-life. What do you recommend?

A. The truth is, the economic climate is seriously cramping our shoe shopping style. There, I said it! I know it seems callous to even think about shopping with all of the troubles some people are facing, but let’s be honest. The seasons are changing, the holidays are coming, and retail therapy really works.

So what does this mean? We all need to give a little extra thought to the products we’ll open our purses for, and our focus should be on getting more bang for our buck. Luckily for us it’s essentially a buyer’s market out there and, if you’re willing to do a little sleuthing, you can come up with some pretty sweet deals.

With Autumn here and Winter fast approaching, my recommendation for something trendy that also manages to be practical, both in the number of outfits it will complement as well as the longevity it will have, is a pair of really fantastic ankle booties in black. They’re a wonderful choice in my estimation because they’re on-trend but will play multiple roles when it comes to your Fall and Winter wardrobe. Plus, they had a strong presence on Spring 09’s runways so they’ll carry you through multiple seasons and any further economic slumps.

By choosing black, you’re giving yourself sensibility that still has an edge. For instance, try substituting them for your basic black pumps at work. They’ll look great with dresses and tailored pants, or pair them with a pencil skirt and black tights for a fresh twist on an otherwise average look. Afterhours, slip on a belted tunic top and a pair of colored tights or leggings and you’ve got yourself the perfect Friday night ensemble. Still scared black will be too basic? Then try suede or patent leather…or a pair that has both!

If you’re trying to decide between a pair of ankle booties or knee-high boots, ankle booties are often less expensive and besides, most of the time they’ll replace the need for their taller counterparts anyways. Trust me, no one will know the difference when they’re under pants or jeans, your feet will stay warm, and ankle booties look much more dramatic and edgy with skinny jeans and leggings. Lastly, based on your locale, you can choose between an open-toe style (trés chic, but not so practical in the northern half of the country), or a functional but fabulous closed-toe pair that will keep the chill out…and hide that three-week-old pedicure. We’ve all got to skimp somewhere, right?

Happy shoe shopping!


Morgan Williams is Editor-In-Chief of the online fashion and footwear magazine for women, Running With Heels. She can often be found scouring the web and local stores for the best in all things shoes and is rarely caught without a pair of fabulous heels on.

We LUVLUVLUV IT, and so will you!

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