Q&A: Winterizing Your Footwear

By Erin Donnelly

Q. I’ve finally accepted that my tried-and-true Uggs have reached their expiration date. What are some great-looking, but weather-appropriate, boots that are stylish and sensible too? 

A. Winter footwear is always a tricky issue. Go the “fashionable at all costs” route and you’ll likely find yourself doing a face-plant the second those sky-high stilettos hit an ice patch. Err on the side of safety and, well, you look like a lumberjack. (As for the marshmallow-shaped Uggs, though their fashion flame may have died out a while ago, I say keep a pair around if they make you-and your feet-comfortable.)

But there are plenty of options for style-savvy women who want to keep warm and look like a million bucks at the same time. You’ll be hot to trot-and enjoy the best of both worlds-in this fabulous footwear: pic1

UGG Caroline Buckle Boot (right): That’s right-UGG. These high-heeled boots have all the appeal of a sexy leather boot, with a shearling insole to keep toes toasty.

La Canadienne Pisa Boot (below): This boot has two things going for it: its chic riding boot style (which looks amazing over slim-cut pants) and its waterproof leather. pic21

Anthropologie Heathrow Boots: The low heel on this stunning boot will help you avoid slips, while the clasped details will earn you style points.

Naturalizer Dinara Cold Weather Ankle Boot: Cozy faux-fur lining and a sole with plenty of traction make this suede-like boot a smart pick.


Hunter Original Sparkle Rain Boots (right): Proving that every (rain) cloud has a silver lining, these subtly sparkly wellies will put a spring in your step come the next big downpour.

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