Q&A: Winter’s Most-Wanted Accessories

By Erin Donnelly

Kashmere Cashmere Wrap

Q: Can you recommend some chic winter accessories that will help me look terrific even when I’m all bundled up? It’s freezing outside, but I still want to look cute!

A: While we all have that urge to drown ourselves in layer upon layer of sweaters, scarves, beanies, fur pelts and anything else that might keep out the cold, it’d be a shame to have your fashion sense go into hibernation. Besides, winter accessories—from hats to gloves to scarves—offer fabulous opportunities to flaunt our stylish streaks. Think of Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago—she certainly didn’t let a few snowflakes stop her from being a style icon. Okay, so perhaps a straight-out-of-Siberia fur hat is a little hard to pull off…but these glam accessories aren’t.

Kashmere Cashmere Wrap: Go basic in black or wild in leopard print with this seductively soft wrap. Ideal as a transitional piece or for traveling.Betmar Ella's Wool Chenille Cloche

Betmar Ella’s Wool Chenille Cloche: Skip the static-inducing beanie and try this tasteful topper instead. Works equally well with casual and dressy outfits.

What to avoid: Bulky and cumbersome mittens; beanies or caps with poufs; overly colorful or printed scarves that clash with your outfit; and an overdose of fur.

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