Self-Massage Tips for the Single Woman

By Kim Matheson of

Q. I’m a single woman living alone and can’t afford to hit the spa for a massage unless it’s a special occasion. How can I get rid of knots and stress on my own?

woman - neck and back painA. Bathing is an excellent way to melt tension and address an achy body. I always use bath oils and or salts in my bath, for specific needs. The Tara blends are excellent and another new find is Mineral Essential Salts. I also light a candle, play relaxing music, and have a nice glass of something to sip on. 

For specific tight muscles, my massage therapist told me to use a tennis ball—it worked! I had a super-tight muscle in my back that I can’t get to and I would roll on the tennis ball and it felt great. Recently I’ve had tightness and shooting pain in my heel so I’ve been stretching and using the tennis ball for this too. 

I also have a massage stone, which is a unique shape and I use this to self-massage, sometimes with aromatherapy massage oil by Spa Technology. In addition, I use wonder rub by Judith Jackson on my sore muscles to help alleviate the pain. I also use Motrin to address muscle aches. 

I also recommend an ongoing exercise program, even if it’s just exuberant walks and stretching—so good for the body, mind and spirit! 

Kim Matheson is the founder of and a leading spa consultant.

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