Shop Until You Drop . . . or Save

By Maggie Malach

Save money shoppingLike any devoted shopper, I love a good sale. In recent years I have grown to appreciate the challenge of hunting down a true bargain. As much as I enjoy being a savvy shopper, at times it can get to be overwhelming. Case in point: yesterday I found myself amongst racks of ridiculously low-priced shoes, holding a lone Kate Spade pump that was crying to come home to my closet.

I realized in the moment that while finding a great deal can lead to a happily ever after, I did not aspire to be the Cinderella of the sample sales. While I never did find the match to the stunning shoe, here are a few tricks I have picked up over the years:

Know your sizes. All of them. There are so many great deals to be found online, but if you are looking for a particular brand, know how the clothes fit. My cousin used to go to department stores and try on high end jeans, find styles she likes, and then buy them on eBay for a ridiculously low price. Likewise, most designer shoes are sold in European sizes, and I’ve found that my size varies within that.

-Know your limits. I have a tendency of going a little Carrie Bradshaw at times. (Yes, I actually said “Hello, lover” to a pair of Tory Burch sandals yesterday.) While I want to own everything I see, I always try to think of what I really need, and spend the bulk of my money on classic items that will carry me through the years. To this day, one of my best purchases is a pair of Prada heels that I got for well under $100 and wear at least once a week.

-Know what you can work with. I found a fantastic sequined jacket the other day and while it was a great price, I realized I would only be able to wear it once or twice a year. The lowest price for a high-end piece should not be your primary reason to purchase.

Know your stores. There are so many ways to save online: eBay, NET-A-PORTER, Bluefly and Piperlime are all favorites of mine.

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