Spring 2009’s Top Five Footwear Trends

By Morgan Williams of RunningWithHeels.com

springshoes2We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief-spring has finally arrived! Along with warmer temperatures and longer days comes the reprieve of bulky winter clothes, the promise of sun-kissed skin, and the ability to break free from confining closed-toe shoes. That’s right ladies, it’s time to show off our new pedicures!

Spring also signals that it’s time to revamp our shoe closets, and what a liberating feeling it is to pack away those boots and break out the sandals. If you’re like me, there’s nothing like the feeling of slipping on a strappy new pair and freely wiggling my toes on that first warm day after a long, cold winter. Lucky you if you’ve already experienced that this year, but if you’re on the prowl for a new sandal lineup then you know that smart shoe shopping is essential right now. Not to worry. There are plenty of bargains to be found, and I’ve listed the top five trends that will have you flaunting the most fashionable feet around all season long!

fendigladiatorsandalGladiator Sandals: Break out your favorite pair of last summer’s comfy Grecian-inspired sandals or shop one of the countless varieties currently available; either way, you won’t want to pass these up! Embellished, colorful, metallic, classic…the list of possibilities goes on and on, and gladiators are an incredibly versatile bunch. They are easily dressed up or down and will complement a long maxi dress as easily as a cute pair of shorts. And comfort lovers, rejoice! A well-made pair will feel fantastic for hours on end whether you’re taking a stroll through the city or attending a lengthy evening event.

Bright Color: It’s hard not to notice the brilliant hues to be found in accessories this season that range from eye-catching neons straight out of the ’80s to literally every color of the rainbow. The neonsandalkey here is to not be shy. A colorful pair of heels will liven up an outfit like nothing else, and it’s a great feeling to confidently slip on a pair of canary yellow sandals merely for a trip to the grocery store. Just remember: everything in moderation! Beware of clashing colors, and keep in mind that it’s hard for anyone to pull off a pair of day-glo pink shoes, but neon trim or a vividly colored island platform is chic with just a touch of whimsy.

Natural Elements: Wood, cork, raffia, bamboo…these organic materials have inundated the miumiuwedgefootwear scene for spring and summer in so many delightful ways. Their obvious appeal is the natural beauty they possess, and a sandal featuring any one of these elements will add a touch of effortless charm to an ensemble. From elegant high heels to flat sandals, going all natural this season is so easy!marniplatform

Platforms: Designers were feeling a ’70s vibe when creating this season’s thick platform heels and wedges, and the sky is the limit when it comes to heel height. Some look like they require a user’s manual to walk in, but even a pair with just a little bit of lift adds height and elongates the legs. Want the style without the risk? Try a platform with a full wedge, which is more stable and will more evenly distribute weight than a typical heel. This is also a great opportunity to combine two trends in one by choosing a pair with wooden or cork bottoms.

fendipumpsNeutrals: Neutrals are so important this spring and summer in both clothing and accessories, but a pair of shoes that will go with absolutely everything (and we mean everything) has the makings of a classic-a great choice when spending is tight. Spring’s bright colors and bold patterns require accessories that will complement their splendor instead of fight it, which is where neutrals play their part. The beauty is that this season you’ll find them in shades that range from soft nudes to muted grays or even delightful hues of blush. Find the color that best matches your skin tone, and try out a soft metallic for extra style points!

Happy shoe shopping !

Morgan Williams is Editor-In-Chief of the online fashion and footwear magazine for women, Running With Heels. She can often be found scouring the web and local stores for the best in all things shoes and is rarely caught without a pair of fabulous heels on.