Spring 2011 Trends You Should Try!

By Catherine Cassidy

Spring is the eternal season of new beginnings and excitement for the future, so it’s no wonder that designers are consistently influenced by this sense of rebirth each year. However, with the economy these last few years, we saw trends that weren’t exactly novel. This year, we’re finally seeing a bit of newness and excitement in Fashion for Spring 2011. Even just this last Fall 2010 we still saw styling and colors that were minimal and sedated.

A few key trends for Spring 2011 …

70’s Influence

In color and styling we’re seeing 70’s influence big time. Marc Jacob’s show was all about the 70’s. In fact, the bright colors and easy, breezy styling carry over into our other big trends. I’m really loving that this is about easy to wear, flowing pieces, but NOT oversize. A great influence is the maxi length we’re still seeing … as well as the midi-maxi – a skirt that hits above the ankles but below the knees. Instead of heavy jersey, we’re seeing lightweight flowing knits and beautiful silks.

Bold Prints

Instead of pretty florals, we’re seeing statement florals and bold graphic prints. Again, there is definitely the 70’s influence in the graphics AND the colors. And we’re not just seeing prints on dresses and tops … we’re seeing prints on jackets, skirts AND pants! Talk about some fun mixing and matching! The beauty of the majority of these prints is that they have staying power in your wardrobe – both because of the color and the prints – especially on dresses and tops. If you’re feeling a bit more visionary in your style, then definitely opt for the prints in jackets, pants and skirts. Have FUN!

Bright Colors

Color is everywhere! Even in shows that were otherwise sparse or neutral, we saw a burst of color … and often in NEON! And I mean NEON! Yellow, orange and green, oh my! To temper the Spring 2011 color palette for those who aren’t quite into neon, we have luxurious purples, reds, greens, oranges and yellows. This is where I would encourage you to start, unless you’re feeling a bit daring. By all means, be daring … have FUN!

Color Blocking

If you want to stand out this Spring, choose one, or three of these colors. Yes, I said three and, yes, I meant at once! We’re seeing color blocking again this season. Color blocking can be as simple as two unexpected, yet complimentary colors or as many as four colors. Many designers were showing colorblocked prints and dresses, but just as many were also showing color blocked through outfits – a top, bottom, belt and accessory in 2-4 colors. Yes, exciting!

Easy, Breezy

Let it flow! A major fan of comfortable Fashion myself, this trend really makes it easy and effortless. Think flowing dresses, loose yet tailored lines, jersey dresses, flowing silk, silk jackets, maxi skirts. Layer these easy pieces or juxtapose them with something structured. Either way, it’s gorgeous and easy to wear. The key here is to keep the volume in check. Thankfully, most designers are aware of the female form this year and instead of hiding our bodies, they’re gracefully skimming them for a subtle allure.

Neutral Accessories

From golds, to animal prints and skins to classic nude patent leather we’re seeing a slew of accessories that can go the extra mile in your wardrobe. I’ve long since loved all of these accessories for their ability to both pull together an outfit and go with everything. You can never go wrong if you add an accessory that is gold, animal or nude. If you don’t have any of this in your wardrobe, now is the time to invest. This is a trend with staying power in your wardrobe!

So, now I ask you: What is the one trend you will embrace this season that is outside of your comfort zone? And which trend do you already have in your closet? Finally, which trend are you excited to try???