New Year Style Intentions

By Catherine Cassidy

Since it’s a New Year and I’m sure you have big goals for yourself in life and in business, why not make sure you’re doing it all IN STYLE?

Remember, while you’re working your little butt off, it’s all so that you can create the LifeSTYLE that you want for yourself, right?

If I could, I would ask you to set every one of these intentions for yourself, but I’m a realist. One thing at a time!

I do encourage you to read through the list and sit with it quietly. What resonates with you most? Set those intentions for yourself. And if you need an accountability buddy, you know I’m here for you!!

  1. I will invest in some cute sweats … and toss the ones that do nothing for my bum! I deserve to look great even when I’m just lounging around!
  2. I will always add accessories even if I’m only wearing a tee-shirt and jeans.
  3. I will add color to my wardrobe.
  4. I will LOVE my curves and dress to flatter them, not hide them!
  5. I will wear heels at least once a week and recognize how sexy and sassy I am!
  6. I will put a bag in my closet for clothes I discover throughout the year that are so obviously not where I’m at in my life – the fit is off, the color is wrong and I simply don’t feel 100% fabulous when I wear it.
  7. I will take a moment just for myself each day. Even if it’s a minute at my desk with my eyes closed.
  8. I will go outside of my Style comfort zone to step out and SHINE by pushing my current limits and showing off my creativity and personality.

Wishing you an absolutely fabulous year!!

Taking leave of the Corporate Fashion Industry, Catherine Cassidy founded U*styled in 2008 to support busy women everywhere. YOU are our mission. U*styled is dedicated to empowering women and giving you the tools to discover the lifestyle you deserve through personal style. Her unique approach to Personal Styling and Brand Image has had her work across a broad range of industries and career stages including Real Estate, Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs and Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

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