New Year Style Resolutions

By Maggie Malach

I am big on New Year’s resolutions, and this extends to my closet. Like many women I know, I have a lot of clothes, yet I am always shopping to refine my style. The new year means a new set of rules that I am going to do my best to follow to ensure that my closet is less cluttered and that I am making the most of it.

1. Edit. The first step in organizing your closet is seeing what you have to work with. Pull absolutely everything out and toss anything you haven’t worn in the past year. If something doesn’t fit, determine if it is worth it to get it tailored. Do not hang on to something in hopes that it will “eventually fit.”

2. See what you are missing. What basics need to be added or replaced? These are the pieces that are worth spending a little extra money on because they are classic and will be worn time and time again.

3. Only buy what you absolutely love. If you are not absolutely smitten with something, put it back. If you don’t think about it after that day, chances are you didn’t need it.

4. Know what styles work for you. I love sheath dresses, but in reality they just don’t flatter me. I can cinch the waist with a belt, but unless I know I can wear something, I try not to wear it. I am also on a first name basis with my tailor. He is amazing at adjusting certain pieces to fit me perfectly.

5. Make it work. Before you buy something, think about what you already own. What can you wear with this? How can you mix and match what you already have to maximize this new piece? Does it fit in with everything else you own?

I am deeply attached to so many clothes in my closet, but this year I am determined to declutter!

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