Style Your Look to the “T”

By Maggie Malach

The most important thing to remember about trends is that they are cyclic… what goes out must come back in style at some point. While sometimes this process is organic, other times the trends are resurrected because they are just too cool to wait. Case in point: Worn Free.

Worn Free is a company that replicates shirts worn by pop culture icons. The shirts are not only witty, but they are ultra comfortable–and a total throwback to times past. Celebs like Halle Berry have been seen rocking these great shirts.

The great thing about this vintage look is that it can be worn so many ways. If you are feeling casual, throw on a pair of old, holey jeans. The shirt looks aged, you’re just completing the look.

If you want to dress it up a little more, grab a sleeker pair of dark skinny jeans and knee high boots. This look is a hybrid of rocker and chic–it’s put together but still trendy enough to be edgy.

These shirts are also great for layering. Throw a blazer or a cardigan over one, or a long-sleeved shirt under one and diversify your look!

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