Sunglasses, for Girls Who Want Passes

By Josie Brown

Large frames. Small frames. Which frame is right for you? And if it goes with your face, is it also in style? Well, that depends. These sunglasses aren’t just cutting edge, but flattering, too. And here’s why…


Large Frames
Great for covering—and protecting—more of your face from the sun. And you look so mysterious. For your Jackie O moment, try these:


Gucci Italian-Style
Besides trendy stripes in either gray/black or tiger, Gucci pours on a splash of glitter in these oversize frames—and of course, the Gucci logo at the temple.
At Overstock, $149.99 

Fendi FS410
Oversized, with the double F Fendi logo at the temple.
At Overstock, $113.99



Small Frames
Narrow faces tend to be overpowered by large frames. Instead, go for a touch of elegance in a smaller frame. Here are two that fit the bill:

Marc Jacobs, Tortoise Brown
Though these make great everyday sunglasses, the small rhinestones at the temple of these rectangular frames give them a posh finish.
At Overstock, $130.49

Broad, devilish stripes make these designer Prada frames the perfect dress-up accessory. 
At Overstock, $179.99


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