The Elusive PERFECT First Date Outfit!

By Catherine Cassidy

If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, but you’re ready to get back out there to flirt and have some fun…

Then it’s also time to update your DATING wardrobe.

With the economy still recovering (though WWD is reporting that Consumer Confidence and Retail Stocks are improving!), you still need to be fiscally conservative. So, the beauty of this look is that it works with items that should already be in your wardrobe. These items are what I call Closet Essentials. The tops are considered Wardrobe Updates. The ideal closet is full of items that mix and match beautifully so you never feel like you have nothing to wear … and with these items (and this lesson – wink!), you’ll be on your way to an ideal closet. And, with any luck, a new beau!


Your Blazer – Depending on your coloring, your should have at least one suit/blazer in your wardrobe, but it might be black, navy or brown. I personally use my blazer that’s a part of my black suit as a blazer for this sort of look. The key to a great blazer is fit. You need to be sure you have a fit that looks great whether open or closed. The blazer for this look is great because it’s conservative, but it’s also nicely tailored to show off your curves.

Sexy Skinny Jeans – You need to have at least one pair of jeans that make you feel amazingly sexy. They might be bootcut or skinny, depending on your body type, but they have to fit nicely through the thighs and rear. Show off your hot bum! I chose skinny jeans for this look because the shape of the jacket balances the slimness of the jacket.

Neutral Heels – You need to have at least a pair of black or nude heels in your wardrobe. If you do, you’ll always have a pair of to go with a new outfit without stressing about finding a perfect new pair. Cream is huge for this season and I love that because it makes finding a neutral pump much easier. These are a sexy as well as strong. They’ll make you stand tall and show your confidence … the number one sexy attribute Mr. Right is looking for!

A Sexy New Top – This is where you can easily update your wardrobe with a new item that really works for your style and personality. Remember, first impressions are everything and he’ll be sizing you up just as you are with him. The corset is incredibly sexy yet feminine with this floral print and the colors are so fun. The draping raspberry top is definitely sexy, yet it’s a fun flirty color. This would look great without the jacket, but the jacket tempers the sexiness so YOU’RE in control. The lace tops is sweet and feminine. You would have to add a bit of color through your accessories with this one, but it’d be beautiful under the blazer.

You getting the full picture?!

Taking leave of the Corporate Fashion Industry, Catherine Cassidy founded U*styled in 2008 to support busy women everywhere. YOU are our mission. U*styled is dedicated to empowering women and giving you the tools to discover the lifestyle you deserve through personal style. Her unique approach to Personal Styling and Brand Image has had her work across a broad range of industries and career stages including Real Estate, Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs and Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

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