The Inner Game of Style

By Catherine Cassidy

I have a confession to make. I like to lounge around in sweats when I’m not working. When I get home from a day out shopping, the first thing I do is change out of my tight jeans and into my comfy sweats.

Here’s the deal, though … they’re CUTE sweats! And even calling them sweats isn’t quite accurate. The term ‘sweats’ conjures up an image of an ill-fitting and ugly yet cozy marshmallow-esque ensemble.

The point is, while I’m a Style Consultant, I’m also human. And I have my moments when I don’t want to get dressed in the morning as well. But if I’m going to lounge in sweats, they’re still a reflection of inner me … and so they’d better be stylish!

However, I know how to pull it together and make it happen so I look and feel fabulous even when my schedule has me so busy I’d really rather just crawl back into bed.

Though, this wasn’t always the case.

My first job out of college was in the Advertising Accounting department at Robinson May while they were going through the merger with Federated. I thought it was pretty cool that I’d witness a Case Study in Change Management (something I studied at USC) firsthand.

However, as good as I was at accounting, it was incredibly boring for me. Every day I literally threw on my uniform of nice slack and some version of a sweater set or blouse. It was about getting out the door and nothing else.

Since I knew this was a short term job, I was soon looking for my next move. As I researched jobs in the Fashion Industry, I stumbled on Merchandising. OMG! It was the perfect blend of creative and analytical … it was the strategy of Fashion. LOVE!

Unfortunately, it was also really tough to break into. People would go back to school to be able to get a Merchandising job. That wasn’t an option for me (more because I’m stubborn than anything), so I strategized how I might be able to get a merchandising job … including taking another job I didn’t want, just to get a foot in the door at a company.

Fortunately, my dad gave me The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer to read.

Well, that changed everything. After finishing the book I quickly realized that it was completely possible to get the job I wanted since it was highly analytical and I had a degree from USC, gosh darn it!

2 weeks later, I got the job of my dreams at BCBG!

Very quickly I realized two things:

1) Wow, I really can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

2) I am going to have an amazing wardrobe!

At least my priorities were in order!

The point is, The Power of Intention got me started on this personal growth journey and if it wasn’t for that book and all the work that I’ve done on my mindset and self-image, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

I started my business with no financing because I had a passion. I’ve built this business up over the past two years weathering the good times and the bad and you know what … business keeps growing and getting better and better.

While the first year in business as U*styled was admittedly very tough, I never bought into the ‘bad economy’ of it. When I was having a tough time, I worked on myself more than my business. And what happened? Business got better!

You know what else has happened over these past two years? My style has improved. While I was always a resource for friends, I was never as confident as I am now … in business, in life and in style.

By doing the work on the inside, it’s reflected and magnified on the outside.

And that’s really the key to easy and effortless style. Know who YOU are and you will know your STYLE.

Taking leave of the Corporate Fashion Industry, Catherine Cassidy founded U*styled in 2008 to support busy women everywhere. YOU are our mission. U*styled is dedicated to empowering women and giving you the tools to discover the lifestyle you deserve through personal style. Her unique approach to Personal Styling and Brand Image has had her work across a broad range of industries and career stages including Real Estate, Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs and Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

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