The Power of Perfume

By Paige Rylann

The Power of PerfumeAs a busy woman, you know that first impressions are important. So, why not make your first impression more powerful with a scent that speaks of power and confidence?

There are more perfumes and scents available than any one woman can count, but that also leaves you with endless possibilities to invoke the mood you want. Whatever the mood you are in, want to be in, or convey to others, there is a scent that will achieve that effect. Scents arouse memories in everyone, the one wearing it and the one who it’s being worn for. So when you are getting ready for your next business meeting wear a subtle fragrance that will make a lasting impression.

The simple act of spritzing on a favorite scent will make you feel confident, as though you can head out into the world and conquer anything. Yes, the right scent can be that powerful. Scents make you feel beautiful, attractive, feminine, and confident, and so much more. You can even choose a fragrance for the positive effect it could have on those around you. Women are already amazing; the right perfume can heighten that awareness.

For busy career women who travel a lot, the right perfume can wake up your senses and refresh you after a long flight, or drive, getting you ready for whatever meetings that lie ahead. Why do you think so many celebrities are now driving forces behind perfumes? Because they know the power the right scent can have. They know what it’s like to work long days, and how the right fragrance can help get you through a busy, hectic day and still come out feeling like a woman.

The perfume you choose can be an invigorating citrusy scent to wake you up or a soothing lavender fragrance designed to help relax you into sleep. Perfumes play on your emotions and can invoke hundreds, if not thousands, of different moods or emotions. Oriental perfumes that are heavily sweet can make you feel peaceful and tranquil, great for you if you enjoy solitude. The freshness of freesia and hyacinth are great for bringing on an optimistic mood. As you can see there is a fragrance that goes with anyone’s mood or a fragrance to bring out the mood you want to convey. A woman’s mood or feelings are constantly changing based on what is going on in her life and mind. The wonderful, heady scent of vanilla can make you feel sensual and sexy. It can release strong emotions in both the wearer and those around them. Sandalwood is another scent that can bring forth seductive feelings in its wearer. The scent of Jasmine should be worn if you want to feel passionate since it can elicit erotic thoughts. Another one that can bring on erotic thoughts is bergamot; however, it also has the power of persuasion associated with it.

Scents are powerful image inducers. Your sense of smell is the sense memory that lasts the longest. Even after you’ve long forgotten things from your childhood, a certain smell can bring it back to you in an instant. Fragrances can not only bring forth feelings and moods, but they can also bring forth memories, some you may not even remembering having. Cinnamon can make you think of home or the holidays. One scent may make you remember one thing, while it may produce an entirely different memory in someone else. Your experiences are tied to your sense of smell. One sniff and you’ll be carried back to another time or place to relive those wonderful experiences. It may make you remember a time when you were so confident that you aced an exam. You can use those scent memories to choose a fragrance that will invoke the same sense or emotion today.

Paige Rylann is a successful writer and entrepreneur, with a long-term interest in fragrance, style and fashion. Paige provides tips and advice on women’s perfume and men’s cologne and how to get the most out of the fragrance you wear.

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