The Single Woman’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By Erin Donnelly

anti valentines day giftsHere we go again. Another year, another Valentine’s Day, and another torturous evening of watching smug loved-up coworkers brag about their cookie bouquets and red roses before setting off to feast on steak for two and make love on petal-strewn sheets. Blech. Being single, your big plans for the evening include a Hot Pocket, a bottle of rose (no glass necessary), and the nagging feeling that you’ll die alone.

Oh, snap out of it. Valentine’s Day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and anyway, being single doesn’t mean you can’t mark the occasion in your own special way. Instead of squeezing yourself into Frederick of Hollywood’s, er, finest or spitting out the lemon-filled chocolates from your heart-shaped box, lavish yourself with a love token or two. Valentines Day ideas for singles or, if you’d rather, show Cupid who’s boss with the love-stinks gear are below. Hey, we’ve all got to get through the day somehow…

I Love YaBecause You’re Worth It

Om Delight Spa: Why subject yourself to a cheesy night of accordion serenades and heart-shaped chicken cutlets when you can indulge in a heavenly bubble bath? Increase the indulgence with this blissful—and organic!—set featuring a soy aromatherapy candle, body polish and creamy lotion.

The Ah Ring from Divine Diamonds: Bring on the bling! This glittering diamond pinky ring was created by designer Ruta Fox just for single, available (A) and happy (h) women.

Lodis Passport Wallet…and a Ticket to Anywhere: Why not use this grim holiday as an excuse to get away? Okay, so Paris might be a bad idea, but there’s no reason you can’t have the time of your life—and maybe meet a hot foreign stranger?—in an exotic locale. This metallic embossed passport cover will get you there in style.

Conversation HeartsBitter, Party of One

Bittersweets Conversation Hearts: Be Mine? Forget it. These candy hearts—choose from Dumped, Dejected, and Dysfunctional—are imprinted with such heartwarming bons mots as: SETTLE 4LESS, USED U 4 FUN, and FORGET WE MET.

Etsy’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts: Air your Cupid-related grievances via these awesome hand made items on Etsy.

Maybe You Should Die Mean Bags: Dealing with unresolved issues over your ex and the Heidi Klum lookalike he dumped you for? Perhaps lobbing an embroidered ‘Jerkface’ pillow at his head during their dessert isn’t the most mature move, but you’ll surely feel better. Until the cops come, of course.

Just for Fun

The Color of Joy: A Coloring Book for Women: Bust out the crayons and indulge your inner artiste with Allyson Rice’s grown-up-geared inspirational coloring book.

Mamma Mia! The Movie: Step away from the Notting Hill. Instead, opt for this guilty pleasure flick full of rousing ABBA numbers, feel-good fun, and a message that it’s okay to put love on hold for a while.

How to Love Like a Hot Chick: The Girlfriend to Girlfriend Guide to Getting the Love You Deserve: Written by Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent, this self-help tome embraces the art of being single, while doling out tips on recognizing real love.

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