The Ultimate Winter Beauty Guide

By Erin Donnelly

Winter beauty guide winter skin careScaly. Staticky. Ghostly pale.

The monster in that new horror film? Um, no.

It’s you come mid-winter, when the harsh elements have joined forces to wreak havoc on your appearance. Your skin is dry, your hair won’t behave, and your pale complexion can only be described as “Six Feet Under.”

But that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate until spring. SMW has the 411 on how the right beauty products will help you fight back against winter’s wicked ways. From ultra-hydrating body butters to hair-taming serums, we’ve got the secret weapons that will help you deal with the big chill.

Winter Hair CarePHYTO Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo for Ultra Dry Hair

The chilly temperatures can dry out your locks, making them brittle. To combat this, avoid hair products containing drying alcohol, and limit your intense blow-drying sessions. To hydrate locks, look for hair products that provide extra moisture, and condition, condition, condition! A hair mask or deep conditioner will also help you restore moisture. We like PHYTO Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo for Ultra Dry Hair.

Unfortunately, dryness isn’t the only thing your hair has to deal with this season. Wearing hats may keep you nice and toasty, but they also have a tendency to tangle locks and give you that dreaded “hat hair” look. John Masters Organics Rosemary & Peppermint Detangler keeps tangles under control while providing an uplifting herbal scent. Hair gurus also recommend parting your hair in different sections before putting on a hat to “lift” the hair and avoid limp locks.

Winter Skin Care

Your poor skin gets a lot of abuse this season. The elements sap out the skin’s moisture, leaving it dehydrated and scaly. But that’s nothing a little body lotion and exfoliator can’t handle, right?

If you want to keep flakes away, you’ll need a little tough love. Before you hit the shower, rub a powerful exfoliating body polish (we like Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm) into the skin-especially the elbows, neck, knees, and ankles-to slough away dead skin. Rinse the scrub away in the shower using hydrating body wash like Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, which contains conditioning shea butter. As soon as you’re out of the shower, it’s important to lock in moisture right away.

If you really feel like pampering yourself-and don’t mind getting a little messy-douse your skin in olive oil following a pre-bedtime bath. Wrap yourself in a sheet to trap the moisture, head to bed, and wake up with silky-smooth skin…and a sudden craving for pasta.

Winter Lip Care

Funny how Valentine’s Day happens when your lips are looking their least kissable. A cracked, parched pucker isn’t just unsexy; it’s downright painful. Treat your lips to a healing balm like the lifesaving and all-purpose Aquaphor Healing Ointment, which can also be used to treat chapped and cracked skin anywhere on the body. You can also keep lips smooth and flake-free by gently running a toothbrush over them as a quick exfoliant.

pic17Winter Face Care

As with the rest of your body, retaining moisture is crucial during winter. Drinking lots of water will help your skin achieve a healthy glow, and a daily hydrating moisturizer is a must. You should also look for non-drying cleansers with skin-restoring ingredients, Murad Environmental Shield Essential – C Cleanser is a good one, so skin doesn’t dry out.

Suffering from irritated skin a Santa-esque red nose? Cetaphil and Aveeno are especially adept at gently treating sensitive skin. And if a cold has left your nose area raw, Clinique CX Soothing Concealer Duo is a godsend. The specially formulated cover-up masks redness while soothing the skin; it even comes with SPF 15 protection.

Another tip: Avoid alcohol-infused cleansing wipes or toners that have a drying effect.

Winter Hands & Feet Care

If ever there were a time to book a mani/pedi, it’d be now. The hands and feet get especially dry and prone to torn cuticles this time of year, so exfoliating them and applying a thick lotion is vital. For best results, slather on a thick layer of lotion, add socks or moisturizing gloves, and leave on overnight.

Blizzard headed your way? Big deal. With these winter beauty tips, you’ll be looking as beautiful as ever.

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