Top Accessories for Fall

By Elina Furman

It’s Fall! And you know what that means? Time to start shopping for a new wardrobe. Of course, some of us can’t afford to buy new clothes every season. That’s where accessories come in. There’s nothing better (or cheaper) to make an old look seem new. Here are our top picks for Fall 07.
The Obi Belt: Think you’ve got nothing to wear? Don’t be so sure. Pick out any top from your closet — white button down shirt, a long tunic, even a stretched out sweater – and start wrapping that obi belt. Voila! Instant style and a whole new wardrobe without the expensive price tag.
Jewel-Toned Scarves: The runway was full of bright jewel colors on everything from dresses, skirts, shoes and bags. If you don’t feel like shelling out big bucks for a trend that will be over before you know it, consider buying some scarves. Not only are they versatile, they’ll give your black suits and neutral looks a shot of color that is oh-so-now.
The Oversized Cocktail Ring: Some seasons are all about the necklace. Others are all about the earrings. But this Fall, if you have to wear one piece of jewelry, consider the oversized cocktail ring your best investment. Traditional enough to wear to the office and blingy enough to dress up your after-hours date look, you’ll never want to leave home without one.
Leopard Flats: We were thrilled when the flat came back as a staple for both day and night. But with so many new flats on the market, it’s getting harder to choose the perfect one. Enter the call of the wild — animal-prints! Demure enough for everyday wear, but haute enough for an evening soiree, it’s the perfect transitional shoe for day into evening.
Opaque Tights: Nothing tones down a dress and makes it more work-appropriate than a pair of opaque tights. By day, pair tights with a light dress, hot belt and boots to make the look seem office friendly. At night, you’ll be rockin’ the look fresh off the runways and you’ll fit into any event.  

Faux Reptile: Whatever the mood, faux alligator and snake skin accessories are to Fall 07 what metallics were to Fall 06. Bags, headbands, belts –you can go faux for Fall anytime!


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