7 Ways to Save on Style This Summer

By Erin Donnelly

We at Single Minded Women are all about helping our fellow single women be smart with their money. To that end, we’ve added our new Fashions Under $50 feature to help you find fabulous trends for less. But to give your wallet an even bigger boost, we’ve rounded up some must-read tips for staying stylish on a budget this summer. Happy saving!

summer save1. DIY: So what if your last name isn’t Lagerfeld or Galliano? With a little pluck and a trip to your local crafts store, you can replicate those runway fashions all on your own. Tie-dye a cheap white tank or tee; use scissors to make laser-cut-style incisions in your leggings; or turn your old jeans into summer-perfect cut-offs. Let your imagination run wild.

2. Swap Meet: Want to refresh your wardrobe but don’t have a lot of dough? Round up the gals for a clothing swap party. Keep your guest list under 10, and try to invite people of similar sizes and ages-no sense trying to sell a crowd of 20-somethings on Granny Jean’s XXL dungarees. Each guest should bring their own cast-offs and some hangers for easy displaying. Add a pitcher of margaritas, some music, and some nibbles, and let the bartering begin!

3. Go Designer: Discount designer, that is. Rather than paying an arm and a leg for the fresh-off-the-runway stuff at Barneys, look to more affordable designer collaborations available at your favorite mass retailer. Matthew Williamson at H&M, Shipley & Halmos at Uniqlo, Loomstate and Tracy Feith at Target, Charlotte Ronson at JC Penney…the options are endless. It’s designer, but it won’t make a dent in your wallet.

4. Swim Smart: Are you the type who splurges on a fancy new swimsuit year after year, even though you barely make it to the beach or pool? If your swimsuit isn’t worn or ill-fitting, wear it again this summer. You could also limit yourself to a $50-or-less swimsuit from Target or Victoria’s Secret-it’s a great way to try trends without buyer’s remorse.

5. Back to Basics: Building a capsule wardrobe each season is a smart way to maximize the versatility of your clothes. For summer, pick one or two bottoms-say, a denim skirt or a pair of crisp shorts-that you can wear with numerous tops. You want pieces that you can dress up or down, as the occasion calls. If you find a denim skirt that’s a bargain, you can treat yourself to a couple of special printed tops to wear it with.

6. Don’t Play Tourist: When we go on vacation, it can be tempting to come home with a suitcase full of souvenir t-shirts, totes and hats. A one-of-a-kind memento is fine, but resist the urge to buy tourist tees that, let’s face it, you’ll only wear when you do yardwork.

7. Trend Aware: I love a good fashion trend as much as the next gal, but they don’t always have the longest shelf life. To be money-smart, avoid anything overly trendy and stick to classics instead. But if you just can’t resist this summer’s rompers or maxi dresses, keep your purchase to $50 or less. Old Navy and Target, for instance, have maxi dresses for $30 and under, so you won’t be kicking yourself later if you don’t end up wearing it that much. And check out our Fashions Under $50 feature for bargain suggestions!


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