What’s the Best Dress for Your Body Type?

By Dr. Jennifer Hanes

Think your figure looks best in a little black dress?  Time to think again.  The key to feminine beauty is not in creating an overall slimming appearance, but rather to emphasize your feminine curves. So, what’s the best dress for your body type?

Well, the primitive brain is where beauty is subconsciously registered.  The hourglass figure is associated with fertility and thus, our primal ancestors created a track that continues to drive the overall impression of a woman’s beauty.  The most important measurement is the ratio of your waist to your hips, with 0.7 and less being ideal.

Avon Define Your Shape Dress in RedAs an example:   If your waist is 27 inches and your hips 35 inches, your equation would be 27/35 = 0.77.  For your most attractive look you will shrink the appearance of your waist and maximize the appearance of your hips.  You read that correctly.  Far too long we have been ashamed of our hips and tried to hide, shape, and “spank” them into submission, but no longer.  The scientific truth is a small waist and large hips are the hallmark of feminine beauty (Looks like Sir Mix-A-Lot got it right with “little in the middle but she got much back.”)

So bring on the peplum skirts and bright colored A-lines. This holiday season celebrate your figure with these six appearance pleasing tips.

  1. Wear black on top.  If you must include black in your attire, make it a black top.  Matched with a lighter color skirt, it will help give the classic appearance of the hourglass.
  2. Look for color blocking that emphasizes a waistline.  Color blocking is popular and can be used to your advantage.  Dresses with a black stripe down the side and indentation at the waist, create that feminine hourglass for onlookers.
  3. Short peplum skirtConsider peplum or flared skirts.  These have been considered a faux pax in recent years, but think back to those beauties of the forties and before with their feminine figures.  This is your goal.  Flaunt those hips.
  4. Wear jewelry that moves and sparkles.  Many women believe big jewelry makes them appear smaller.  This may be true to a degree, but the real secret weapon is a medium dangling earring that catches the light as you move your head.  This accessory will draw the eye upward to your face and away from parts you consider less than ideal.
  5. Consider wearing a flat, or at least a lower heal.  It is true that heels make the legs look longer and slimmer, but this is when a woman is standing alone.  When in a crowd, wearing high heals often gives the woman an overall appearance of being larger, even if she is thinner than her counterparts.  Experiment and see what works best for you.
  6. Whatever you decide to wear, wear it with confidence.  Know you look amazing and are the most beautiful woman in the room.  That is the secret weapon to overcome any perceived flaw.

With your new found confidence, glide through the holiday season and carry your beauty into a fabulous new year.

The Princess Plan: Shrink your waist. Expand your beauty. by Dr. Jennifer Hanes
Dr. Jennifer Hanes is a nationally recognized, board certified emergency and integrative medicine physician in Austin, Texas.  She has lost seventy pounds, and outlines those secrets in her book, The Princess PlanIt is the only weight loss book written by a physician who has personally conquered obesity.  You can connect with her at www.DrHanes.com

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