Winter: A Hairy Situation

By Maggie Malach

Winter hair care tipsThe coldest months of the year are quickly drawing closer and I’m not ready.

I’m no fan of winter and my body agrees. My skin rebels when exposed to the cold air, but normally that can be fixed by slathering on copious amounts of lotion. But my hair? Ohhhhh, my hair is a complete other battle.

Redken Clear Moisture ShampooDry doesn’t even begin to describe it. The ends split, it goes crazy-static and in general is just hard to maintain. For years I have been trying to battle the havoc winter wreaks on my hair, and I think I have finally perfected the formula.

First, I prep my hair with Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo. I have super fine hair, but this moisturizes it without weighing it down. After the first time I used it, I noticed an increase in the shine of my hair.

CHI Silk InfusionI hesitate to use conditioner because it tends to gunk up my hair, but I really like CHI Silk Infusion. It’s lightweight, but makes my hair tangle-free, while also protecting it from the inevitable harm caused by my hairdryer and straightener.

Pantene Lasting Volume HairsprayA finishing touch is Pantene Lasting Volume Hairspray.It holds my volume while also fighting the dry winter air. Static, no more!

The last thing I do is throw a dryer sheet in my bag. If my hair does get a little rebellious, a quick swipe will put it back in line.

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