12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond by Kathleen Frances

By SMW Staff

12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond by Kathleen Frances“12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond” by Kathleen Frances is a book of meditations and prayers that shows readers a new form of spirituality based on the inclusive concept of the divine feminine, as exemplified by Muriel Isis, founder of the Lighted Way Fellowship.

The core message of “12 Keys” is its definition of every human as divine. This realization will lead readers to open the door to the inner light of their being. This inner light, Frances says, is where one truly realizes one’s own divinity. Her 12 keys will help readers liberate their spirits to have dominion over matter.

About the Author

Kathleen Frances is a certified teacher of spiritual sciences: tarot, astrology, numerology, past lives, channeling, meditation, and light therapy. She holds a B.S degree in sociology and psychology. She has been a social worker, peace and civil rights activist, counselor, teacher, parent, health and wellness trainer, songwriter, and performer. Through a series of dreams, Frances was led from Minnesota to The Lighted Way Fellowship in Santa Monica, Calif., to begin in-depth studies and training with Muriel Isis, Doctor of Divinity, M.S. Family Counseling. In 1999 Frances became director of The Lighted Way Fellowship.

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