Free Month of Classes! Enter SMW’s BurnSF Contest!

By SMW Staff


Enter to win a free month of UNLIMITED classes at San Francisco’s Hottest New Fitness Method – Burn – and receive a FREE session! Burn is a unique method that merges pilates, weight training and cardio to create a body sculpting, heart-pumping 55-minute workout.

Why Burn Works: In order to truly train the body effectively, the heart, muscles, and core need to be challenged in a variety of ways. To achieve this, each class provides a circuit of exercises to keeps participants challenged, motivated, and engaged. You can expect to work every major muscle group using exercises that are challenging and focused.

The Burn Components:

Pilates Springs are used to firm and lengthen the entire body while increasing flexibility and engaging the core.

Weights are used to tone and strengthen the muscles, increase metabolism, and prevent injuries.

Cardio Exercises will increase your heart rate, increase endurance and burn calories between resistance training sets.

Footbar and Mat Work for the Core will provide effective new ways to engage and work all of the abdominal muscles to create a strong, lean and powerful core.

“I created Burn because in my 5+ years as a personal trainer, I believe I‘ve discovered the most universally effective way to help people achieve their fitness goals, look, and feel better while having a little bit of fun, too!”

—Lisa Corsello, personal trainer and nutrition counselor, Lululemon Ambassador & creator of Burn.

BurnSiteHow to enter:

1. Visit

2. Go to the schedule & pricing tab.

3. Select a session that works with your schedule.

4. Register online.

5. After selecting to purchase an individual $19 session, continue to the next page, then enter PROMO CODE: SMWPROMO in order to get your class FREE!

All of the names of the SingleMindedWomen readers who register will be added to a drawing that will take place August 10th. Winners will be informed that week.

More information on Burn can be found at


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