Calorie Counting Goes High-Tech

By Martin Brown

NutritionAssistantStaying trim is going increasingly high tech. Here are three new ways to count your calories — via technology that goes wherever you are.

If you get any one of these, and actually use them, it’s almost a sure bet that you’re going to lose some weight, perhaps even reach your ideal weight. Why? Because the very act of tracking your caloric intake makes you aware of what is going into your body.

Being in tune with what you are actually eating is the single most critical factor in helping you to lose weight, and even better, maintain the wonderful new shape you will soon find yourself in:

Nutrition Assistant Calorie Counter

$15 (3.5 x 0.5 x 4.5 inches ; 3 ounces; by Robi Nutrition)

This easy-to-use device tracks nutrition intake, including calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. Simply type in the name of a food, enter the number of portions, and the nutrition information provided can be saved to the device’s 31-day diary. The portability of the Nutrition Assistant allows for information at your fingertips throughout the day. Over 1,000 common foods are included, including many restaurant foods. 100 custom foods, meals, or recipes can be added. The device will also show progress toward personalized daily nutrition goals. This will help you to plan meals and meet goals.

Timex Nutrition Counter

$11.90 (2.4 ounces)

This handy dandy devise is small enough to take with you, even on a date (lucky you!) Already programmed with over 900 foods this devise allows you to add another 30 additional foods to its memory. Its large, easy-to-read digital display and full keyboard allows you to see the screen, so forget any excuses (even at a candlelit table in a restaurant). You’ll be able to track carbs, fats, calories, proteins and fiber, as well as set your own daily goals with the seven-day memory and recall.

Lose It! (iPhone application)

FREE — for now.

For the techno-savvy with the latest mobile gadgets, this is a must-have, and not just because it’s free. Lose It! is an iPhone application that  allows you to set goals and establish a daily calorie budget. You stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise — which, of course, encourages you to stay within your budget.  Here’s how it works: Enter food and exercise easily using a searchable database. Then quickly re-enter foods and meals you’ve had in the past. Lose It! Keep in mind, Lose It! will be available for free during the first six months of its release. And if you get it now, by then you’ll be svelte and gorgeous, and won’t need it any more!

(I have faith in you. I really do!)

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