Health Tips From Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners

By Dr. Mehmet Oz

Many women trying to lose weight are replacing sugar with popular artificial alternatives  such as  Sucralose. But the question remains, are artificial sweeteners better for you than regular sugar? Here’s what Dr. Oz has to say about the matter.

Sucralose is not hindered with some of the bad press that saccharin got although, in saccharin, it has a long history of being used. In the doses we use it, it’s probably reasonable if you’re going to use a sweetener. However, because it hangs out in the brain tissue for 36 hours, there’s a search for other more organic sweeteners.

Facts about artificial sweeteners

Sucralose is a sugar substitute that’s sort of like an isomer of sucrose. So, for a lot of folks, they’ll say, “Well, that’s so closely related to the natural occurring sugar that maybe it’ll have less impact on us.” I don’t know if we can say that for sure or not, but let me, argue that artificial sweeteners don’t seem to help us diet that much. I’m not seeing data demonstrating, for example, that diet sodas have ever allowed people to lose weight in any sustainable fashion. Admittedly, you don’t get the calories from regular sodas, which is good, but I would not recommend a beverage with artificial sweetener as an alternative to sparkling water with a cut-up lime or something that’s a little bit more understandable by the body.

“Listen, the brain’s pretty smart. When the brain says, ‘You got something sweet in your mouth, but I didn’t get any nutrients or calories from it, you’re trying to trick me.’” It’s right.

What it primarily seems to do – and this has been looked at with beverages, so I can’t speak to other uses of artificial sweeteners, but people who drink artificial-sweetened beverages seem to have more metabolic syndrome, more hypertension, more diabetes, more high cholesterol. We believe it’s because, in fact, the artificially in-sweetened beverages are reminding people to eat because you got to get your calories somewhere. So, it’s a little more sophisticated system that the body has to protect it from being full.

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