How to Deal With Menopause

By Corby Campbell Shields

Women learning how to deal with menopauseYou want to do everything you can to help with your menopause symptoms. Let’s face it; these body changes are frustrating and miserable. Here are five small changes that can really help you and the way you feel, as well as, deal, naturally with these signs of menopause.

You know that something is off. You go from short sleeve shirts to adding a sweater all day long, on, off, on, off. It’s really hard to go to sleep and stay asleep all night. You seem to be battling your bed and your covers as well. You are hot, then cold, then hot, then freezing. Am I going through menopause?

These symptoms can start as early as in your late thirties. The average age of starting the change is 41 years old. And honey, you are not alone dealing with this different body, there are 100 million of us world wide trying to keep cool as well as sleep through the night. Here are 5 tips to help you battle the beast within.

Tips on how to deal with menopause:

  1. Drink lots of water. I prefer mine with a Super greens supplement, it’s a salad in a glass, looks like swamp water and is easily absorbed into your tissues and organs. Drinking water will help get moisture to where the body lotion and KY jelly can’t reach.
  2. Back off from caffeine and alcohol (even though you think that cocktail or glass of wine is the only thing that can get you though each day). Spicy foods may also be the “trigger” that brings on a hot flash. And smoking has been shown to also contribute to hot flashes and night sweats.
  3. Move that body! Get in those walks, hikes and biking or gym dance classes. Exercise helps with water retention, weight gain, bone strength and your overall frame of mind. Add resistance training to keep your self strong.
  4. Try to keep from going to bed already hot. Take a shower in the morning, as well as blow drying your hair then. Avoid a long hot soak in the tub right before bed as well. Natural sheets and jammies in cotton, silk and bamboo are cooler than polyester blends.
  5. Stay away from processed foods, especially prepackaged frozen diet meals. They are full of salt and preservatives that do nothing to help with the water weight gain and bloating.

Menopause Master Plan by Corby Campbell and Sam KappelRemember that we can help our bodies; help itself with a few changes. And these changes will help us feel so much better.

Corby Campbell Shields is the co-author of Menopause Master Plan. For more information, go to

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