Keith Olbermann: Follows the Money in Healthcare Hang-Ups

By Josie Brown

KeithOlbermannThe biggest issue facing our country today is that of health reform. To have healthcare that covers everyone in the country who desires it, the Congress would have to mandate and fund Single Payer Healthcare. But the companies whose profits are at stake – that is, insurance, pharmaceuticals and hospital corporation – would prefer that healthcare be a privelege: and one with a very steep price tag.

In previous articles, Single Minded Women has looked at the statistics regarding healthcare costs, particularly how they affect single women. What we found was both enlightening – and discouraging.

What are you paying for, exactly?  Not healthcare. Your monthly premiums, coupled with high deductibles, mean you pay out of pocketbook for any bare essential health services you need.

And women pay more than men of the same age.

Then you have to haggle with your health insurer’s customer service rep over the fine print of what they say they don’t cover — this year, this month — as opposed to what might have been covered even last year (Remember the pap smear? Soon to be a thing of the past…)

MSNBC commentator Keith Olberman has been doing what none of the major networks or investigative newspapers have done, in researching the healthcare reform debate now up in Congress:

He’s following the money.

In fact, on Monday night’s special commentary on healthcare reform, he actually calls out the senators and congresspeople holding up the bill – and points out how much money they’ve been given to do so, by insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospital corporations.

Their sticky fingers have netted them hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes several million.

And yet, they enjoy the healthcare plans that they deny all of us.

Talk about payoffs.

Watch this video, of Mr. Olbermann’s special comment on this issue. Frankly, I could not have said it better.

But you can.

If you’re a single woman with no healthcare, pick up the phone.

If you’re a single mom who can’t afford to insure your kids, let alone yourself, pick up the phone.

Even if you have health benefits, look at your monthly bottom line. Now add in the your deductible — and remember: only if you have a “health savings plan” can you recoup some of those thousands of dollars, via your tax refund.

We are the only 1st world country that does not offer its citizens some kind of universal or single payer healthcare. I’m tired of getting nothing for the amount of money I give a system that pays its CEOs millions in salaries — not to mention benefits that I’m not getting.

If you agree, pick up the phone.

Here’s how to reach your senators:

Don’t forget to call your congressperson, too. Here’s the number:

Ask them to give you the same healthcare plan they enjoy — because you voted them into Congress. Well, now it’s payback time.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you don’t call, you don’t count. And you dare not go to the Urgent Care center or ER–that is, unless you’re in Congress.

—Josie Brown

Relationship Channel Editor,


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