Make Love to Your Face

By Martin Brown

lovefaceNot too many years ago getting a facial was seen as a luxury reserved exclusively for the wealthy. In the past twenty years, however, facials have grown in popularity. And while they can be an essential part of an anti-aging regimen, today we know that good skin care habits are best followed when starting young.

Whatever your age, 20 or 70 plus, it’s a great idea to get a facial at least four times a year. There are numerous types of facials, but one aspect they all have in common is that they involve exfoliation, extraction, steaming, and purification of the skin. Most spas now provide facials, which generally range in price from $40 to $60 for thirty to forty-five-minute treatments; or $80 to $120 for sixty to ninety-minute treatments, as a standard client service for women and men.

Facials have grown in popularity, and that is not too surprising when one considers that baby boomers and the generations of women coming up behind them are determined to do all that they can to keep a youthful and healthy glow.

Listed below is a sampling of facials commonly found in spas everywhere. This list does not have all of the facials you might find offered at your local spa, but it is a good starting point from which you can choose the type of facial that most interests you.

Normal Facials

A basic facial exfoliates and moisturizes your skin. Blackheads and whiteheads are cleared by gently steaming the face. Regular clean-ups like this can prevent lingering skin problems and I would recommend them as a good starting point for any woman interested in experiencing this type of loving attention for their face.

Special Facials

These are the next step up from the normal facial. This treatment consists of specially formulated hypoallergenic creams that are aimed at deeply moisturizing your skin. Various face packs and creams are applied depending on a variety of skin types. This approach is particularly well suited to women with sensitive skin.

Bio-lift Facials

In addition to cleansing, massage and rejuvenation techniques, a bio-lift facial targets specific areas of the face such as dark circles under the eyes. The characteristic of this facial is the bio-mask. The purpose is to tone and tighten your skin creating a more youthful glow.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Facials

Derived from natural fruit sources these facials are best known for their anti-aging effects. Special creams formulated with AHAs, which help the skin to look smoother, healthier, and more youthful, are applied. A fresh fruit facial, such as orange or sweet lime pulp are especially good for sensitive skin, which often reacts badly to chemically prepared cosmetics. AHA Facials are recommended for people who have pigmented skin, and are prone to wrinkling easily.

Paraffin Facials

Involves the application of a special paraffin mask over layers of gauze, which helps seal in the special anti-aging and rejuvenating creams applied to the skin. It aids better absorption and restores the natural radiance of your skin.

Anti-oxidant and Pollution-Fighting Facials

Uses creams enriched with free-radical fighting agents like vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E. Pollutants are removed and the skin is deep cleansed. Highly recommended for people who spend much of their time outdoors.

Collagen Facials

This treatment includes the use of exfoliation, warm vapor, deep pore cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage and a mineral or paraffin (wax) mask placed over a freeze dried collagen sheet for ideal hydration of the skin. Normally in this kind of facial, liquid nutrients in the form of vials or ampoules are used for quick absorption of liquid nutrients into the skin. This treatment is aimed at reversing harmful environmental damage, which leads to the premature formation of wrinkles and dark circles and unsightly blotches and discolorations of the skin. It is generally safe for all skin types.

Aromatherapy Facial

Here essential oils are used, which deliver potent and specific cures and particular benefits to the skin. Aromatherapy facials help clear skin congestion and improve your skin’s normal function. The mask, which is applied at the end of the massage, also contains essential oils from plants such as rose petals and or lavender. This eliminates toxins, and generally improves the skin’s normal functions.


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