A New Year’s Resolution Diet Plan that Works

By Martin Brown

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to lose five, ten, or 25 extra pounds in 2012? Good for you! But as you know there is only one thing better than making that resolution and that, of course, is keeping it.

As a health writer and a fitness coach I’ve watched for many years as a tidal wave of people find their way into the gym every January and are long gone by the time Valentine’s Day arrives. Nearly all of those new members are principally there to lose weight. People don’t often like to say that so they’ll say things like “Get into shape.” But the real motivating factor is that their clothing doesn’t fit them the way it did one or more years ago and they’re ready to do something about that.

All those good intentions, unfortunately, get lost in a confusing web of diet and exercise advice that leaves people with a lot more questions than answers.

Just before Christmas I decided to take my most essential diet and exercise advice and put it into a short, easy to follow book I call The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution Diet. This fast read is available as of New Year’s Day at the Amazon Kindle Store and on BN’s Nook.

In five easy steps I explain certain essentials that must be in place for any diet to succeed. Let’s be honest, all of us, including myself, who ever set out to lose ten or more pounds, know the frustration of yo-yo dieting. You reach your weight goal and then in a few short weeks or months your weight starts inching back up. Ten years ago I finally figured out how to beat that old weight devil once and for all and I have stayed within a few pounds of my ideal weight ever since.

Here in summary is the five steps that I share in The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution Diet.

One, you must accept the reality of weight gain and weight loss. We’re all pleased and proud about the weight we lose. But the added pounds we gain are a “mystery” to us. You can’t reach and maintain your ideal weight without taking ownership of both sides of that equation. You lose weight and gain weight for the same essential reasons. Step One is all about accepting the fact that we can’t deal with our weight without first taking control over the issues that cause our weight to increase or decrease.

Two, there are a variety of stumbling blocks that we put in the way of our own diet. Everything from “Now was not the time to go on a diet,” to “Everyone keeps tempting me to eat the foods I should avoid.” Step Two is about resolving that you will no longer allow self-defeating stumbling blocks to sabotage your weight loss hopes.

Three, is about creating a space between your old eating habits and your new eating habits. Diets in nearly all cases, are actually diet detours. You haven’t reformed your eating habits but merely suspended them for the time that you’re on your diet. This is the principle reason why 95% of pounds lost are regained. Step Three gives you the three essentials to reforming your dietary habits for a lifetime. If you can commit to these reforms your weight issues will forever be in the past.

Four, learning to “diet proof” your home is essential to your overall success. The average individual consumes 70  to 80 percent of their calories from food that comes out of their refrigerator and pantry. If you’re attempting to create new dietary habits while there’s sugar, fat, and salt packed treats everywhere you turn, you’re “sleeping with the enemy.” Reforming your habits is all about committing to change. Step Four gives you actionable steps to help you create a diet safe house even if the other people you live with are eating all the “wrong foods.”

Five, deals with exercise. The key is to understand the importance of creating a workout program suited to your specific needs. You’re not joining or going back to the gym to compete with anyone other than yourself. Love yourself. Love and accept your body as it is today and cherish the vision of how your body can look tomorrow. Step Five shows you that through exercise your own fitness dreams can come true provided you follow your own pace and your unique needs!

This entire book is only 40 pages. My goal is to give you actionable information and not load you down with words. I’ve priced the book under three dollars. If it’s not worth what you would pay for a 600-calorie Frappucinno at Starbucks, then don’t waste your time.

I hope you will grab a copy either on your reader or download the free Kindle or Nook apps to your laptop or desktop computer and read it there. This new year can be a time of great change. I hope you will make me part of your 2012 diet success!


Martin Brown is the Heath Channel Editor for SingleMindedWomen.com, and the author of Fit in 50 Days.

His latest book is The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution Diet.