25 Must-Haves for Any Single Woman’s Medicine Cabinet

By Allison O'Connor

medicinecabinetWomen are the smarter of the two sexes. Single women are considered not just smart, but sassy and sexy. If you’re single-minded, supposedly you are a cut above, a step ahead, never the norm but the cutting edge.

Well, single lady: is that reflected where it counts: in your medicine cabinet?

Here’s what every single woman needs to feel completely secure that she’s ready for any and every emergency that comes her way (and in which category it fits) :

1.       Teatree Oil – all purpose oil used for zits, etc. (singleista’s must-have)

2.       Tylenol & Motrin (every woman’s must-have. I keep a bottle of Motrin even in my purse. You never know when a headache will strike or worse yet – cramps)

3.       Band-Aids (every woman’s must-have)

4.       Neosporin (every woman’s must-have)

5.       Condoms (singleista’s must-have. Because you never know…)

6.       Peroxide – can be used as a tooth whitener (singleminded must-have)

7.       Eye drops (singleista’s must-have)

8.       Eucerin (singleminded must-have. Great for cracked heels, lips and anywhere else that is a little chapped)

9.       Bikini Wax strips  (singleista’s must-have…if you can stand the pain!)

10.   Tweetzers and Nail Scissors (every woman’s must-have)

11.   Alka Seltzer (every woman’s must-have)

12.   Tums (every woman’s must-have)

13.   Mouthwash (every woman’s must-have)

14.   Cortisone Cream (singleista’s must-have. Especially useful during summer months when mosquitos are out in full force)

15.   Epsom Salt (singleista’s must-have.  Ever try soaking your aching muscles in a warm tub with epsom salts? Ahhh, bliss! )

16.   Baby Powder (singleista’s must-have. I keep a small bottle in the house that doubles a deodorant)

17.   K-Y jelly (singleminded must-have…see #5)

18.   Tampons (every woman’s must-have)

19.   Muscle cream (every woman’s must-have)

20.   SPF tinted moisturizer (every woman’s must-have)

21.   Aloe (if you’re not allergic) (singleminded must-have)

22.   Floss (every woman’s must-have…but according to my dentist, many women don’t floss! Get in the habit of flossing at least once a day)

23.   Nail polish remover (every woman’s must-have)

24.   Cotton balls  (every woman’s must-have)

25.   Q-tips (every woman’s must-have. MDs say your shouldn’t stick a Q-tip in your ear, but what else are they good for?)

Okay,single ladies,  now: what did we leave out?  Go ahead and comment below…