Six Ways to Burn More Calories

By Martin Brown

calorie burn rateWhen it comes to burning calories we were not all created equal. The simple truth is that some of us have metabolisms that burn at a higher and faster rate. But the good news is that you can do a variety of natural thinks to kick up your metabolism’s calorie burn rate and level the caloric playing field. Here are six tips that will help you do just that and put your metabolism on the fast track.

1. Fast eaters lose the weight loss race. Eating slowly can knock an average of 70 calories off of each of your meals. Why? Because when you eat quickly you are not giving your brain the time to tell your stomach that your appetite has been satisfied. Slow down on that fork to mouth time and you’ll see a real difference in how your metabolism reacts.

2. Enjoy a full breakfast and don’t skip those carbs. Maybe there was a reason why our grandparents swore by the benefits of a big breakfast. A variety of studies have found that women who eat a full breakfast, including a generous portion of carbs, like pancakes, have on average of 15% less weight gain over the period of a year. Why? Because when you eat a full breakfast your appetite for the balance of the day is lower and your metabolism is burning at a faster rate.

3. Move, baby move! If you want a metabolism that’s burning a maximum number of calories be sure that regular exercise is a part of your lifestyle. Remember that your body responds to activity and couch time is not going to help you burn off those extra calories.

4. Don’t skimp on water. Studies have shown that women who drink an average of seven 8-ounce glasses of water per day, consume 200 less calories during that day. That’s an amazing 73,000 less calories per year so drink up!

5. Never starve yourself. Highly restrictive, low calorie diets are notorious for slowing down your metabolism. Don’t do it. It’s a great way to frustrate any dieter and in the big picture it almost always fails to get the desired results. Remember this simple expression: eat smart, don’t eat small.

6. Don’t be stingy on the spices. From a bowl of chili to lemon pepper on your pasta, spices are a short cut to picking up your metabolic rate by as much as 10 percent. No need to overdue, but don’t skimp on what you might like to call, the spice of life.

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