The Single Minded Women’s Guide to Being Green

By Allison O'Connor

Globe in grass - Guide to Being Green for Earth DayBeing green or eco conscious is easier than you think. There are simple little lifestyle changes each of us can make without much sacrifice or inconvenience that will make a huge difference in slowing down global warming and preserving our planet for future generations.

So, in honor of Earth Day, has compiled a number of thought provoking articles and earth day tips that all single women should read. Going green or at least attempting to be greener should not be an option, but a way of life.

Fashion and Beauty: Erin Donnelly has comprised a list of eco friendly designers and beauty products proving that being green doesn’t mean sacrificing style in:

Organic Spring Dress, Organic Cosmetics: Going Green is the New Gorgeous, Eco Friendly Fashions and Eco Friendly Gift ideas: Not Just For the Holidays but For Every Occasion

Career and Workplace: Who says your can’t be green at the office? Paula Santonocito shows you just how easy it is to conserve at the office and how being green can affect your career in:

America Goes Green: What Does it Mean to Your Career and Promoting a Greener Workplace

Your Money: Who would have thought being green could impact your wallet. Well, Martin Brown has uncovered the financial upside to incorporating a green lifestyle in:

Smart Savers Think Green and You Can Save Some Green By Going Green. Still working on your taxes? Then read Save the World and Deduct the Cost. Thinking about jumping back into the stock market, why not consider green stocks? Martin’s uncovered some great green companies in Think High, Green and Clean.

Single Moms: Teaching our children that conservation is a way of life starts at home. As single moms, we are already challenged with the daily demands of parenting responsibilities. But reinforcing conservation will not only help raise an eco conscious child, but may also help reduce the resources you use at home. Our picks:

15 Ways to Becoming an Eco Friendly Family, Single Mamas: Being Green is Easier than You Think and The Green Toy Box.

Your Health: If you are wondering if you can afford to buy organic produce and other products, you need to read Is Organic Really Better? If this article doesn’t convince you to rethink your purchases at the grocery store, nothing will.

Travel & Escapes: More and more hotels and resorts are becoming eco friendly. Not only will you find green products in hotel spas and in-room toiletry items, but many now offer organic food items on their menus. Water conservation is also promoted in many hotel chains. How many of us use the same towel twice at home, but for some reason, we throw it on the floor after one use in a hotel?

As travelers, we need to respect the places we visit. This land belongs to all of us and it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. Sheryl Kane, renowned immersion traveler expert shares her experiences in travel conservation in a thought provoking article Leave No Trace Behind.

Relationships: Think you can’t be green with your man? Think again single minded woman! Relationship’s editor Josie Brown has come up with 5 great ways you can be green and still have a romantic evening in Five Eco Friendly Romance Tips. So in honor of Earth Day, why not try one or two?

Remember, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink!

Happy Earth Day from all of us at