Top 3 Things You Should Know About Pet Insurance

By Jared Katz

Young woman with dog and cat.As Americans cut back on spending in these tough times, surveys find that many are not willing to reduce what they spend on their pets. And any single woman will tell you, their pet’s health is just as important as their own.

So, we’ve asked pet insurance expert, Jared Katz to give us the low down on pet insurance. Chances are if you are a pet owner, your family friend will get an illness and need medical attention at least once or twice during their lifespan. So, how can people protect against the rising cost of medical services for their pets? Pet insurance may be the answer. These plans help people budget for the care their dog or cat might need in the future. Aetna recently announced that Aetna Insurance Company of Connecticut is the new underwriter for Pets Best insurance plans in many states across the country. Importantly, the Aetna-underwritten Pets Best plans are exclusively recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association Group Health and Life Insurance Trust.

If you’re considering pet insurance, here are three questions you should ask to find a plan that is right for you:

1.) What are my deductible options? Choosing a higher deductible will lower your monthly premium, but means your out-of-pocket costs will be higher each time your pet begins a new medical treatment. Choosing a lower deductible will increase your monthly premium, but means your out-of-pocket costs will be lower. Make sure that the pet insurance plan you choose offers you the flexibility to change plans and deductibles depending on your needs today and in the future.

2.) What is covered by the plan? Many plans reimburse pet owners for 80% of the cost of treatment after the deductible is met for illnesses, accidents, injuries and many other veterinary services. Make sure the plan allows you to visit any licensed veterinarian and provides coverage for emergency care. Find out if the plan will cover chronic illnesses such as diabetes or cancer and the specialists who treat those conditions. Consider asking about preventive care coverage, because many plans offer optional coverage for preventive measures such as annual exams, vaccinations or teeth cleanings.

3.) What is excluded from the plan? Most plans exclude the health issues that your pet has before you sign up for the policy, whether or not they were previously diagnosed or treated. These may include the congenital conditions your pet is born with or conditions that some breeds are susceptible to. Make sure the policy you choose clearly states what is and is not covered in a way that is easy to understand. And remember, buying a pet insurance plan when your dog or cat is young means they are less likely to have preexisting conditions.

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1: According to a 2009 American Kennel Club survey


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