Why Your Man Has Wandering Eyes

By Jennifer Hanes, D.O.

Why Your Man Has Wandering EyesDoes your man check out other women while you are talking with him? Does it seem disrespectful that he carries his glance so far that he literally turns his head to watch her walk by? If you are bothered by this behavior. . .you might change your mind.

In a previous article I shared that men are highly visual creatures. When exposed to erotic pictures, their brains are literally more active than the female brain. And while this may explain why  they are drawn to notice another beautiful woman, it does not explain why they seem to instinctively turn their heads to watch as she walks away.

It seems almost as if they have no higher level of control over their behavior. Think about it. Have you ever noticed how this behavior is such an ingrained reflex that they even turn around to see a woman as she drives past? To check out the bumper on her car?

The reason for this bothersome behavior may be found in our ancestral roots. Men have the advantage at long range vision. They outscore women in the ability to laser-beam focus on an object in the distance. Is this perhaps a remnant of their days as hunters?

Meanwhile, back at the cave, the women were busy cooking and caring for children all while keeping an eye out for vicious predators. As a result, women did not develop the amazing laser focus vision to the extent of men.

Rather, we have superior peripheral vision, far greater than men. Thus, we can track an object successfully by simply using our eyes. With this greater understanding, it becomes more apparent a man not only uses his eyes to track, but will turn his neck in order to focus on his feminine prey.

If you are not convinced to give him some leeway based upon this information, perhaps shifting the paradigm will help you to adjust your position. When your man looks at another woman he is noticing the beauty around him. It is actually a complement to you that he finds you worthy of attention as well as other beautiful women. Consider it away to compare and measure your beauty. No matter how the other woman appears, he is choosing to spend his time with you. Realize that he appreciates beauty around him in all forms and has excellent taste.

Think of it in a different scenario. If you were a singer, would you rather your singing be complemented by Simon Cowell or by a tone-deaf man? Would you appreciate the request for seconds at dinner more from a man that had only eaten prison food for twenty years or from Chef Gordon Ramsey? Complements mean more from those who have discerning taste. If your mate is attracted to looking at gorgeous women and he loves to also cast his gaze upon you, it means you too are gorgeous.

A man that observes beauty in the world is giving you praise by appreciating the femininity around him. Even if you do not believe what I have written, know this: Complaining and nagging will never change his behavior. By pointing out his flaws it will only make you appear less attractive than the mysterious woman he chose to follow with his eyes. Don’t forget, you are the woman he has chosen to be with.

So while breaking your gaze to notice another woman may not be the most civilized behavior, it is a sign that your partner appreciates the beauty around you but most importantly the beauty within you.


A board certified emergency physician, Jennifer Hanes, D.O., discovered that patients have greater success when they understand their body.  With that unique philosophy, she founded Empowered Medicine, PLLC, where knowledge is powerful medicine.  She empowers patients with her articles, motivational speeches and private consultations.  You can learn more at www.DrHanes.com