Women’s Plastic Surgery in the Public Eye

By Jan Sullivan

Kate Hudson breast implantsPeople always seem to look up to celebrities and fashion models when it comes to physical appearance and style. Women in particular often enjoy looking through fashion magazines or watching beautiful celebrities on Hollywood red carpets while admiring their appearances. Watch any award show or pick up any celebrity magazine and the first thing you will notice is the emphasis on what celebrities are wearing and how they look.

However, one factor that is common in celebrity beauty but not discussed as much publicly is women’s plastic surgery.

Many people have issues with plastic surgery. They believe that people should work with the bodies they have, and not resort to surgical procedures to enhance beauty or preserve youth.

So what is the impact when celebrities whom society idealizes and admires, undergo plastic surgery? And, what does that say about us as a society, where so much positive emphasis is placed on physical beauty regardless of how it’s achieved?

One example that has been debated to some extent is Kate Hudson’s alleged breast implants. Kate Hudson is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and charming actresses in Hollywood. She has also been recognized and admired for her easygoing attitude, and her confidence despite having naturally small breasts. This is why some people have argued that Hudson’s allegedly smaller breast implants, represents a victory for society’s oppressive desire for larger breasted women. Yet some wish that the popular actress had continued, to represent the ideal of having pride in one’s body without resorting to implants.

However, on the flip side, there are those that praised Kate Hudson for having the courage and security to, undergo breast augmentation even though she surely knew that she would be scrutinized for doing so.

Kate Hudson does not have to worry about people thinking she is beautiful, as she is quite established along these lines. However, if she did indeed get implants, it is clear that she was at least on some level unhappy with her body. Like many strong and independent women, Kate Hudson decided to take charge of her own personal happiness.

Whatever your view on plastic surgery, it seems that people generally agree that doing what makes you happy and feel good about yourself is what matters most. Not what society deems as the ideal body.

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