Workout Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

By Allison Neves

stretchitoutWell, ladies, its summertime and whether you’re trying to maintain your workout regime while you’re on the traveling to a balmy locale or whether you are just trying to stick to it regardless of your own city’s unbearable heat, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to stay healthy while trying to stay fit.

Lisa Corsello, owner of Burn, an innovative San Francisco workout studio that offers group fitness classes that merge pilates, weight training and cardio, offered up her before, during and after workout tips on beating the summer heat.

Before your work out:

• Corsello says, “Check out you local 5-day forecast and modify your workout schedule accordingly. Plan to exercise during the coolest hours of the day.”

• It’s important to first speak with your physician to make sure that you are OK to workout in your current local conditions.

• “Fatigue is a real problem on hot days,” she adds. So be sure that you have gotten a good night sleep the night before your planned exercise activity. Also, allow at least one day of rest and recovery before your next workout.

• As a rule, if you’re heading outdoors, arm yourself with sunblock, lip balm, visor and make sure to wear clothes that wick away moisture.

Invest in electrolyte replacement options such as an electrolyte pill that can be purchased in any local health store or pharmacy, sports drinks or Pedialyte.

• Visit your local sporting goods store for hydration belts that come equipped with small plastic containers for water or sports drinks. These are great if you plan on hiking or running outdoors.

Lisa’s Tip:
Sports drinks and Pedialyte tend to be very high in sugar which can lead to a spike in energy levels that can ultimately lead to early fatigue, especially on hot days. Try to keep your energy level in check by mixing 2 parts of water for every 1 part of the sports drink.

During your workout:

• Be more conscious of your body. Hot weather can lead to low energy levels. So modify your workout by decreasing the heaviness of your weights and/or decreasing reps and taking breaks when you need them.

• Be on the lookout for headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and nausea. These are signs of heat exhaustion. If this happens, Corsello says, “Stop your workout immediately, rest and hydrate.”

• Continue drinking H2O or your chosen electrolyte replacement throughout your workout.

After your workout:

• Add an additional 3-5 minutes to your cool down.

• Lisa warns, “Don’t overstretch. Your body’s muscles are more malleable in the warm weather and overstretching can lead to an injury.”

• Continue to hydrate even after your workout is completed.

Alternatively, on days when the heat is just oppressive, Corsello offers up these tips:

• Don’t expand on your regular workout routine during hot days.

• Swimming is also a great workout alternative.

• On really hot days, working out in climate controlled environments, such as a gym or dance studio are always the best options.

As a personal trainer for more than 5 years and now a fitness studio owner, Lisa has successfully applied her vast fitness know-how to everyone from the absolute beginner needing basic knowledge to enthusiasts who want to professional athletes in training. So, when it comes to working out, this woman knows her stuff. Heed her sage advice and this summer you will be sure to beat the summer workout woes!

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nevesAllison Neves is a freelance travel and fitness writer from San Francisco, California. With parents from San Salvador and Hong Kong, she’s made a personal commitment to re-connect with her roots by traveling extensively through out Latin America and Asia. When she’s not trying to save the world one press releases at a time, Allison spends her time with her time traveling, stretching her limbs in a pilates studio, scuba diving and spending time with best friend and husband, Travis. More information on Allison can be found at:

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