Yo, Joe Lieberman: Single Women Want YOUR Healthcare Plan

By Josie Brown


Joe Lieberman, the “independent” (read: up for the highest bid) senator from Connecticut, wants to make sure single women don’t have a public healthcare option.

In fact,  he’s willing to join the Republicans in a filibuster.

Despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claim to have respect for this man, I make no such claims at all.

Connecticut unemployment statistics are now hovering at 8.2 percent. These are HIS CONSTITUENTS. If they even had an employee health plan, I’m guessing that many of them have had to pick up their own health insurance policies in the meantime, and that, even with COBRA it was something that will deplete their savings, if not push them into bankruptcy.

Unlike the other senator from Connecticut, Chrisopher Dodd, who is supporting the public option initiative despite the amount of donations he’s taken from insurers, Lieberman votes his pocketbook, which is lined with insurance lobby money.

As does his the PR/lobbying firm, where his wife works.

Talk about conflicts of interest.

Maybe you should ask him, since his vote doesn’t just affect his state, but ALL OF US:

DC Phone: (202) 224-4041
CT Phone: (860) 549-8463
Fax: (202) 224-9750

In fact, this article in the New York Times puts a face on who loses if a public option fails.

And guess what, ladies? IT’S YOURS.

Yes, it’s every woman — but it hits those who are single, widowed, or divorced the hardest.

Why? Because:

1. Those of us who are out of work in this current depression have lost any corporate healthcare safety net we may have had;

2. Most of those who still have jobs have seen our employers cut our healthcare benefits the the bare bones–that is, if they offer benefits at all;

3. Those of us who pay for insurance out of our own pockets have seen our monthly premiums rise along with our deductibles, while the services provided by our so-called health insurers decrease.

And why? Where does that money go? Check out the salaries of the CEOs who are cutting our insurance benefits, while at the same time raising our premiums: anywhere from $770,000 to $24 million.

Single women bear the brunt of it. In fact, many women of childbearing age may not realize that they pay more than men their age for the same insurance. Even when you cut out maternity–which is often only offered through select plans, and of course at a premium–you’re paying more than your boyfriend.  But then again, you’re supposed to be seeing a gynocologist once a year, for things like pap smears (no longer free) mammograms, and HPV test: you know, all the preventative stuff that SAVES MONEY IN THE LONG RUN, IF THESE POTENTIAL CANCERS ARE CAUGHT IN TIME.

Go figure.

The day before, I had an interesting conversation on the plane taking me home from the Romance Writers of America convention. My seat mate, a man in his mid-fifties, and worked in DC for the IRS for the past 34 years. He proudly informed me that his plan was similar to what our congressional elected officials enjoy. However, now that he is retiring, he has to jump off his FREE AND WONDERFUL GOVERNMENT-PROVIDED HEALTHCARE PLAN and join the rest of us rabble in scrounging for something that is “affordable.”

Seriously, he was Bambi in headlights.

Of course, I never realized that everyone who works for the federal government has a cheap or essentially free healthcare plan, including the our senators and congressional representatives. But we, the citizens and voters who put them there, do not.

Is that fair? Does that make sense?

Not to this self-employed wife and mom with two kids, whose healthcare costs, including deductible, is over $16,0000 A YEAR, in after-tax dollars.