Yo, Joe Lieberman: Single Women Want YOUR Healthcare Plan

By Josie Brown

For my family  of four, that breaks down to monthly premiums which are close to $700 a month — and that’s before just for the honor of  being minimally “insured.” Should any medical emergency arise — say cancer or a surgery — we’ll be coughing up an additional $10,000 for out-of-pocket expenses: you know, things like $2 aspirins, $2100-per-night stays in a hospital room, tens (maybe even up to hundreds) of thousands of dollars for surgeries…

Welcome to the worst healthcare system for a supposedly first world nation.

Here’s one way Congress can cut costs: GET RID OF THE CONGRESSIONAL HEALTHCARE PLAN.

If they can’t share, if they cannot provide a basic need for the survival for the rest of us, then they shouldn’t have it either–particularly since it’s paid for with our taxes, no less.

And if the only way we can get it is to vote for someone who realize this, they better watch their backs: I will never again vote for anyone who doesn’t make single-payer healthcare their prime reason to be in Congress.

That bought-and-paid-for supposedly “independent” mouthpiece in politician’s clothing, Joe Lieberman, is sitting on the fence, too. In fact, he  claims “The legislative process right now is going in the wrong direction…it’s just too big a bill.”

Joe, let me ask you a question: how is the size of the bill in proportion to the donations you get from insurers?

Readers, here’s my new game plan: I’m going to call every “wary” senator or congressperson mentioned here, plus the others leading us off the path of a single-payer system, and ask them to give me their healthcare plan. You know, the one they enjoy because we, the voters, put them there. I want to remind them that WE did that, not the insurance CEOs who make anywhere from $770,000 to $24 million, and now hand them donations equaling tens of thousands, for them to vote AGAINST single-payer healthcare.

Don’t wait. You HAVE to call tomorrow — before they kill your chance for reasonably priced healthcare.

Or you’ll have to wait until your old enough for Medicare.

As for some of the other senators who are “wavering” about voting in favor of a Pubic Option, let’s set them straight as to why their vote counts for us — and for THEM, if they want to get re-elected.

They include:

Roland Burris (D – Illinois) (202) 224-2854

Olympia Snow (R -Maine) (202) 224-5344

Max Baucus (D – Montana) (202) 224-2651

Evan Bayh (D – Indiana) (202) 224-5623. As does Lieberman’s wife, Bayh’s wife also works for an opponent’s lobbying firm.

Mary Landrieau (D – Louisiana) (202) 224-5824

Blanche Lincoln (D – Nebraska) (202) 224-4843

Ben Nelson (D – Nebraska) (202) 224-6551

When you call, ask them to look at the statistics of uninsured women in their state: They can find it at


On that list may be you, or someone you know.

Hey, but don’t stop there. Here’s how to reach your senators, so that they, too, can help Senator Reid make his majority:


Don’t forget to call your congressperson, too. Here’s the number: http://clerk.house.gov/member_info/mcapdir.html

Watch this video – it’s 4 parts, and each part is VERY enlightening – so that you can speak from the heart . . . while you still have one that ticks.

Remember one thing: if you don’t call, you don’t count. And you dare not go to the Urgent Care center or ER–that is, unless you’re in Congress.

—Josie Brown

Relationship Channel Editor, SingleMindedWomen.com


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