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Month: March 2018

Raising a Fatherless Boy: What Single Moms Need to Know

Single mothers are the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, the role model, and chief guardian of their children’s health, education, and happiness. Like my own single mom did, they make a heroic attempt to fulfill and excel at all these roles and more. There’s one role, however, that single mothers cannot fill: that of a father. Studies show that boys benefit from having contact with a father—even one who lives outside the home. Boys raised with a father somewhere in the picture often do better academically, financially, and socially than their fatherless peers. If you are a single mother raising boys...

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Solo Travel: The Magic of Miami

Single women need a sanity break once in a while. Refresh your mind and body, and throw back a shot of self-confidence, when you travel solo. But where to go? Welcome to Miami. The last time I drove from Fort Lauderdale to Miami was over a decade ago. My sister and I were in my then-boyfriend’s rusted Jeep Cherokee; it was 2 a.m. and we were in search of something fun to fill the night. We hit I-95 and headed south toward Miami – 40 minutes later we were standing outside the velvet ropes of some of South Beach’s...

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