Top 10 Cities for Single Women

By Paula Santonocito, GCDF

10. Austin. In the No. 10 spot for the second year in a row is Austin, another Texas city with Big T, as in terrific, opportunities for single women.

With an unemployment rate below the national average, Austin has an all-important criterion for inclusion on our list: jobs. Top industries include the growing fields of high tech, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech.

The cost of living in Austin is reasonable compared to other cities; it’s 36 percent less than the cost of living in New York, largely because of housing which is 51 percent cheaper.

Speaking of housing, there are a variety of housing options in Austin, whether you choose to rent or own. In this city, as in several others on our list, your dollar buys you more. If you’re relocating from a more expensive metropolitan area, you’ll be amazed at what the difference buys.

Single women seeking the nightlife will find plenty of entertainment in Austin. Music lovers especially will enjoy this city’s after-hours scene. With 200 live music venues, Austin has something for everyone, although the blues and country music are most popular.

Austin is the only city on our list without a pro sports team, and the largest city in the U.S. without a pro team. However, the University of Texas does have a championship-winning football team.

The University of Texas and other universities and colleges are sources of education, employment, and personal and professional growth, but they also offer social opportunities.

Nearby state parks allow for swimming, canoeing, hiking, biking, and camping. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of sunshine year round and, with the exception of July and August when it can be very hot, relatively moderate temperatures.

Austin has slightly more men than women, and more than 33 percent of the population is single.

Social opportunities, a great entertainment scene, the great outdoors, affordable housing, and job opportunities make it easy to see why we chose Austin as a Top City for single women.