Top 10 Cities for Single Women

By Paula Santonocito, GCDF

1. New York, New York. What’s not to love about the largest city in the United States? Uptown, downtown, and all around town, New York is a single woman’s dream town. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other cities on the list, but the price tag buys you so much—and so much more than it did only a year ago.

Here’s why. Wall Street has bounced back and is back to paying big bonuses. While banks haven’t yet started dolling out the dough, and salaries admittedly aren’t what they were pre-recession, employment in finance and related industries is looking up.

This is good new for the city. The financial services sector took a big hit during the recession, and the impact on New York was widespread. Just as the fallout in financial services hurt New York, the improved climate is helping the city. The trickle down effect has a positive impact on everything from retail to restaurants and more.

Meanwhile, other industries, like advertising, fashion, business services, and technology, have also started to improve. While the overall economic climate may not yet suggest high job growth, the employment outlook has brightened.

It all bodes well for career opportunities. And speaking of careers, 42 of the Fortune 500 have their corporate headquarters in New York City—more than any other city in America.

A good job will allow you to live in this city, where the cost of housing is not cheap. In addition, thanks to the recession, there are housing deals to be had. Although these deals aren’t as plentiful as they were a year ago, a rental agreement may still include a month’s rent or more free, and rent typically includes heat. If you’re in a position to purchase, it’s worth noting that residential real estate has begun to rebound. In other words, if you buy now, provided of course you buy wisely, your property value will likely increase.

Because New York offers an array of housing choices, from brownstones in Greenwich Village to lofts in SoHo to doorman buildings in Midtown, among others, you’re sure to find a place to suit your taste.

Once you’ve found a job and a great place to live, you can concentrate on the entertainment and social aspects of this fabulous city. New York’s nightlife is second to none. After you’ve enjoyed a sumptuous meal at a restaurant of your choosing (if you can pick one from among so many choices), Broadway, off-Broadway, and off-off-Broadway will satisfy your need for drama, comedy clubs will keep you smiling, and the city’s countless music clubs, both large and small, will allow you to rock, bop, swing or sway. Add Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Radio City, and other world-famous venues to the list and you’ll have no shortage of entertainment options.

If you’re a sports fan, New York’s got a team for you. Both of the city’s baseball teams, the Yankees and the Mets, boast new stadiums. Madison Square Garden is home to the Knicks and the Rangers. Meanwhile, across the river, you’ll find the New York Nets along with New York’s two football teams, the Giants and the Jets.

By day, you can spend time at one of the city’s many art museums and art galleries, the Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium or visit a national landmark. It’s only an elevator’s ride to the breathtaking view from the top of the Empire State Building or a short ferry ride to visit the lady in the harbor, the Statue of Liberty.

And of course there’s shopping. New York City is the fashion capital of the United States, and here you’ll find everything from high fashion on Fifth Avenue to boho in Greenwich Village and SoHo.

Despite its skyscrapers and dense population, New York is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Central Park’s 843 acres include 58 miles of pedestrian paths. Weekend getaways to the nearby mountains of Upstate New York allow for camping and hiking in summer or skiing and snowboarding in winter. The world famous Hamptons, with their incredible beaches, are also only a short distance away.

Travel is convenient from New York City. You can get almost anywhere from JFK International Airport and La Guardia Airport, and there are train and bus options as well.

New York City lays claim to the largest singles population of the cities on our list, 39.8 percent. This year, for singles statistics, we referenced data from Sperling’s BestPlaces, since it coincides closely with SMW’s demographic; Sperling’s uses an age range of 24-64. We also relied on Sperling’s for the ratio of women to men. In New York City, there are slightly more women than men, but the opportunities for interaction far outweigh any obstacles statistics may throw your way.

Here’s to you, New York, New York!