Top 10 Cities for Single Women

By Paula Santonocito, GCDF

2. Chicago. Welcome to the Windy City. And welcome, Chicago, to the No. 2 spot on SMW’s list of Top Cities for Single Women.

Last year, Chicago didn’t make our list, largely because its unemployment rate was higher than the national average. This year, Chicago has an improved employment environment and SMW is happy to showcase all this city has to offer single women.

Professional opportunities for single women include jobs in finance and publishing, and positions with top manufacturing corporations, as well as with companies in many other industries. Because Chicago is a major city, pay tends to be competitive, which works out to your advantage because the cost of living in Chicago is lower than in several other cities on our list.

Whether you choose to rent or own, your money will buy you more in Chicago. The cost of living is 33 percent cheaper than New York, and housing costs 51 percent less here.

And, as with other cities, Chicago offers many housing choices, from modern skyscrapers to greystones (Chicago’s version of East Coast brownstones) and everything in between.

From the standpoint of entertainment, this is a city where you’ll find it nearly impossible to stand still. Whether you favor baseball, the ballet or the beach, you’ll want to be on the go in Chicago in order to experience all the city has to offer.

New York is not the only city with Bulls and Bears, although Chicago’s are of the sports variety. Renowned sports teams, which also include the Cubs, White Sox, Wolves, and Blackhawks, among others, the arts, countless music venues and nightclubs, and restaurants galore make Chicago a great city for socializing.

Lake Michigan offers opportunities for swimming, boating, and sightseeing, while Michigan Avenue features the famous Magnificent Miracle Mile, a seemingly endless shopper’s paradise.

One of the many things single women will find appealing about Chicago is the friendliness of its people. You may be from out of town, but after only a short time in this city you’ll understand why Sinatra famously crooned, “Chicago is my kind of town.”

Add to this the fact that more than 35 percent of the population is single and the ratio of women to men is nearly equal and you may be able to make a case for Chicago as your kind of town—which is why it’s the No. 2 city on this year’s Top Cities list.