Top 10 Cities for Single Women

By Paula Santonocito, GCDF

4. Phoenix. Rising from No. 6 last year to this year’s No. 4 position, Phoenix has much to offer single women, including job opportunities and a lower cost of living than all but one city on this year’s list.

High tech and manufacturing, two sectors leading the economic recovery, are big area employers, as are the aerospace and service industries. The city is also headquarters to five Fortune 500 corporations, not to mention several colleges and universities.

The cost of living in Phoenix is currently 46 percent less than New York City, largely because of the huge difference in housing costs. When it comes to housing, your dollar goes much further here; housing is 69 percent cheaper in Phoenix than in the Big Apple. The fallout in the housing market hit Phoenix hard, which is to your advantage whether you’re looking to own or rent. There are apartments, condos, and single family homes available, and many include design elements specific to the Southwest.

Phoenix is steeped in Native American history and local style reflects the influence. Architecture, décor, clothing, jewelry, and more are distinctly Southwestern in color and design.

Not surprising, history and art museums tout area culture. However, Phoenix also enjoys a thriving contemporary arts scene.

Phoenix has professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey teams, so single women sports fan will feel right at home.

There are many opportunities for pursuing healthy living in Phoenix. The city and surrounding areas include mountain and desert preserves where you can enjoy everything the beautiful outdoors has to offer. Be forewarned: Summers are extremely hot in Phoenix. The tradeoff is that during the winter months temperatures are mild.

Be that as it may, winter sports enthusiasts should not dismiss Phoenix. There are plenty of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding within a few hours of the city.

There’s much to hold your attention in Phoenix, and much to explore year round a short distance away, including one of the most spectacular sites on earth, the Grand Canyon. Travel is also easy from Sky Harbor International Airport, which offers approximately 1,500 flights per day and is only three miles from downtown Phoenix.

The ratio of women to men is nearly equal in Phoenix, and approximately 33 percent of the population is single. The downtown art and music scene offers a lot of entertainment possibilities, and places to meet people.

Because life in Phoenix favors both your personal and professional life, and is currently such a bargain, this city soars above most others.