Top 10 Cities for Single Women

By Paula Santonocito, GCDF

8. Philadelphia. No. 5 on our 2010 list, Philadelphia has fallen a few spots this year, mostly because competing cities were slightly stronger and because the ratio of women to men is the highest of the cities on our list, approximately 53 percent to approximately 47 percent. But have no fear: Single sisters will still find much to love in the City of Brotherly Love.

With an unemployment rate below the national average, Philadelphia offers diverse career opportunities.

Top industries include finance, insurance, medical instruments and supplies manufacturing, medical research, and pharmaceutical. The city also has a thriving tourist business; Philadelphia is among the most-visited cities in the United States.

Home to an impressive array of colleges and universities and museums, Philly offers plenty to stimulate your interest. The city has many historical sites, including Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Liberty Bell. And if that weren’t enough, Philadelphia lays claim to championship-winning sports teams.

There is always something happening in Philly, no matter the time of year. During the year-end holidays, the city comes alive with the spirit of the season. The city’s many traditions include the Festival of Trees at the Pearl S. Buck House, which features more than a dozen beautifully decorated trees. The Philadelphia International Flower Show, the world’s largest indoor exhibition, held annually in March, will put you in the mood for spring. In fall, there are harvest festivals. And of course in summer there is the 4th of July. No city celebrates Independence Day like Philadelphia.

Single women seeking housing will find a wide range of choices, from modern skyscrapers to row houses to Victorian homes. The overall cost of living in Philly is 37 percent less than New York, and the cost of housing is 65 percent less.

The money you’ll save allows for travel opportunities, and there are plenty of places to go within a short distance of the city. The Jersey Shore is only a couple of hours away, as are the Pocono Mountains. The city is also within close proximity to two other top places on our list: Washington, D.C. and New York.

Although more women than men live in Philly, 36 percent of the population is single. The large number of singles, comparatively low cost of living, and many cultural, entertainment, and other social opportunities, not to mention array of industries, make Philadelphia the City of Sisterly Love.